Fall Layers

One of the best ways to transition from summer to fall is with your jewels!

The perfect layering look is a combination of texture and balance and mixing and matching your gorgeous pieces. As we break out our sweaters, booties and pumpkin spice lattes... here are 5 of our best tips for layering your jewels for the season!

1. Embrace texture

The biggest hurdle I find when working with clients is that they are wary of mixing patterns and textures in their jewelry. For instance, mixing a beaded gemstone necklace with a solid chain necklace, or a thick metal ring with a thin pearl ring. Overlapping your jewelry and mixing up the textures and patterns adds serious dimension to your look. Mixing some serious jewelry textures and patterns with your beloved sweater will give your fall wardrobe a serious upgrade... so don't shy away from mixing up your patters and textures, embrace their unique qualities and allow them to accent one another.

2. Layers upon layers

Along with mixing textures, mixing jewelry lengths can be the next piece of the puzzle. I'm sure most of us have now jumped on the layered band-wagon, but in case you are still weary... GO FOR IT! The more layers and lengths, the better, especially with necklaces. One of my favorite looks is a pair of jeans and a plain cotton v neck long sleeve tee, a suede bomber jacket, low booties and 3-5 of my favorite necklaces. Some are beaded, some are a solid chain and some have a charm... but the more the merrier. Another way to layer up is with your bracelets... and again... THE MORE THE MERRIER. So go ahead girls, stack 'em up!

3. Mixed metals

Can't choose between gold and silver? DON'T! A huge trend as of recently has been mixing your metals. Gold, silver, rose gold, bronze, gunmetal... wear them all. I am a huge fan of mixing matte metals with shiny metals as well. For instance, a matte gunmetal or bronze ring stacked with a shiny gold ring is absolutely stunning. Fall is all about warm tones and a mix of metals... so don't shy away from wearing different types of metals together.

4. Old meets new

For the fall and winter, break out your grandmothers rings and stack them with some new stacking rings and layered up necklaces. Pair your new favorite hoop earrings with a vintage pair of pearls. Layering is the perfect way to give old pieces a new feel. One of my favorite pieces is a beautiful South Sea pearl necklace that was my grandmothers. I love to mix it with a simple stack of chokers and charm necklaces to spice up a simple outfit. Old is new again... so break open your jewelry box and break out those vintage beauties.

5. All the gemstones

Don't be afraid to mix your gemstones. One of falls biggest trends is statement jewelry. Make this trend your own by mixing the gemstones you cherish the most to compliment those chunky sweaters and booties. Women feel the most beautiful when they are wearing the items they love and cherish. Mixing colors and textures will make your look effortless and you'll feel amazing... so go ahead!

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